About NRPG

Over fifteen chapters were written as a group event.

Set in the mystical age of a distant world, the project known as NRPG on Algorand aims to utilize blockchain technology in modern story telling.

First rounds of voting began in early October 2021 and continued to develop a world over six months. Each day a new action was presented to the community and hundreds of votes were tallied to distribute the winning choice as an Algorand NFT. Now the story is being developed into a full featured metaverse game that will react to the NFTs in your wallet!

Your doing amazing work. The sword of Magi demo is a game worthy of playing without earning anything. I’m buying more $NRPGC to prepare for when the game officially launches. I’m stoked to actually be able to use the armor set NFTs I bought from your awhile back. ` – HoangNgt#0525

About NRPG Coin

Pay coins for new experiences

Connect your wallet to interact with our custom Auction House to purchase, trade, and even forge new experiences in the game. No need to do anything but simply hold on to a popular ASA project and the game will be able to react accordingly. Akita NPC, Knits in the pond, or a ridable StupidHorse on worldmap? All of which are possible with NRPG coin!