The Dragon’s Requiem

A new, full game, is now available at the website. No purchase necessary, but you will still need to connect your Algorand wallet to play! The story follows Diathar the Dragon Knight and Gailbyg the Fierce. Daemon hunters from Dernia during an unspecified age. Stranded on a volcanic island, you both struggle to survive the Dragon’s Requiem.

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The biggest request I have been receiving has been to have some sort of game to play that does not require any type of Algorand NFT. We plan to have a library of games that will be shaped by your interactions. Part of that endeavor includes other titles that are not connected, but can be integrated with the blockchain.

Games like The Dragon’s Requiem will provide an arcade experience for players new and returning. NRPG coins will be essential in providing unique experiences within that arcade. A full crafting system framework is ready to assist in bringing utility to your NFTs. The idea will be simple. Pay your coins and add materials to increase a pool of available stats. You choose the type of item and craft a completely unique NFT that changes your in game experiences!

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Thirty unique monsters. Five total dungeons, including a secret dungeon and a hidden character. Our latest content update packs an entire world! Some long time supporters of the series will notice new lore told from an entirely new perspective.

Its hitting that retro rpg itch! This is dope, thanks Troct! Nailed it!

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