Mysterious Pets Unlocked

Guelstie’s latest update includes a major over haul of the event system. Allowing the player to summon a follower in game initially. You will need to purchase a Mysterious Cage at the AlgoXNFT page from the Game Master’s wallet in order to use them.

At first glance, this just seems like a fun way to add in characters from other projects, but it actually goes much deeper. These special events are spawned into the game and their behavior can be customized. Imagine mechanics like the Legend of Zelda bomb or a pet that interacts with a specific area of the map. The possibilities are limitless!

Decentralizing the game database allows for the player experience to be completely unique to each others. For instance, players of the “Equestrian Racing/Deathmatch” and popular Algorand NFT Discord game from Thurstober who have earned $OATs will have access to Duchess the Tiny Horse!

No need to do anything, the game will automatically add items and react to your Algorand NFTs!

Guelstie: V 0.1.03

  • Spawn Events Map – Implementation of advance spawning events has been added into the game. This has the potential for creating the most bugs and we will be monitoring the system as it develops.
  • Chapter 1 Ending – Created a final event that will cut the player off from the chapter one area effectively sealing the battle system. You will need to create a new game to play the battles, but your pets should persist beyond with exploration.
  • Laline Introduction – You will notice a small interaction with you and Laline before releasing the controls. Those with the Sentry Gear NFT will notice a more “royal” character. Chapter two will mostly be a controlled scene, so this is just a prelude to what is to come next week!
Matty the Matriarch Hatchling

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