Guelstie The Archon Pilgrimage

Our newest update reveals the title screen and battle system. This age is a return to the origins of the world. I plan to visit the story of the first mage Guelstie, and the aftermath of her devastating vengeance against the ancient dragons. Countless generations have passed since humanity accepted the Archane gift of magic, but it falls to you to finally bring an end to the cycle.

The game itself has been updated with tons of new features on the back end as well. Too much to talk about in the Discord so I’m posting this to go over the changes in more detail. Check out the new title screen and even more game screenshots below!

Title Screen: Guelstie The Archon Pilgrimage

Update v.0.1.02

Some quality of life features were the big focus of this week’s update. Added in over fifty new control settings. Including features that have yet to be utilized, but will be key features in the future.

  • Enhanced Menu Core Functions – Since half of users were playing on a mobile device, we figure it would not hurt to keep a mobile friendly UI in mind when developing. Much of the interface is still in a “testing” mode, but we can eventually create an application out of the final product when ready. You will notice special icons and menu screens for things like your inventory, character information, and options. Much more to come!
  • Charge Turn Battle System (CTB) – Much of the storyline is focused around casting spells and thought it would be awesome to introduce a type of battle system that would make you feel like a mage charging your over powered elemental abilities. Hard to really get a grasp of how dynamic the system can be at first, but some games to compare to are like Final Fantasy X. It will require the player to strategize while giving you the flexibility to think about your next move carefully.
  • Advanced Event Scripts – Behind the scenes are where the majority of updates have actually been added. A lot of the stock RPG Maker abilities are powerful enough, but forces you to create or find your own framework for advanced work with JavaScript. If you are interested in learning more about the plugin choices we have made for this engine, then please visit their page at

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