Chapter One

Welcome Algorand enthusiast! This is the first ever blog post for the new NRPG Coin blog that will be the official news source for all things to come related to the project. Comments should be open and we welcome all feedback as well. Our first demo push went live on Sunday, April 17th, 2022.

Stable version 0.1.01 includes the ability to check user wallets and change class, add items, weapons, armors, and skills as well as set database switches. This allows the events in game to react based on simple known functions to the engine. Conditional branches can get quite long and complicated, so the more effort to create sub plots will depend on the project we wish to emulate.

Owning a Chapter 3 token simply allowed you to view various animal NPCs.

My initial attempts at showing off the capabilities were not very creative. However, the product is far from complete, and that was not the point of this update. Ideas are starting to come in from the first few play throughs now and I have a good sense of what to focus on next.

Direction will be a key factor in the next update. I am adding in new quality of life plugins to increase control and will likely steer towards a mobile ready UI. Exactly half of all plays were done so using a mobile browser, so that will need to be addressed.

Contracts in development that will add to $NRPGC use cases include an item vendor NPC, a Battle Master NPC, and a “turn-in” NPC that will trade in your participation tokens for loot. Soft deadline of June is on the table, but this week’s general milestone was the actual heart of this project so I’m not pushing our luck.

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